women navigating and coping with overwhelm together

2-Day Virtual retREat


by the Well Aligned Women Community of Alignment Movement and The Moxie Way


Let's align ourselves amidst the overwhelm and thrive together!

You have great purpose and great things to do in the lives of others to steward on the other side of crippling overwhelm.

Retreat Schedule

retreat Sessions + Benefits you don't want to miss out on:

We want to build community in the trenches of overwhelm.

We want to show up for you, create conversations, and help each other cope with and even overcome overwhelm in its various forms.

We aren't meant to struggle alone. We aren't created to thrive while isolated. So let's have hard conversations, promote healing where pain resides, and build friendships that enrich our lives as women who bring an unshakable purpose to the lives we lead and the lives we impact and have yet to impact.

Our overwhelm can often cripple us and hold us back from walking out life purpose.. Let's collectively say "no more" and show up in the trenches of overwhelm for our friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, grand-daughters.

We get it, this life can become so overwhelming.


We are all fighting battles most of the people around us know nothing about.

Sometimes it's isolating, lonely, and honestly, a little confusing navigating our overwhelm in the midst of showing up day in and day out.

The trench is still a trench, and it may feel lonely curled up in the fetal position amidst the overwhelm, but if we look up and around we notice we aren't alone in the struggle of these trenches. There are so many of us.

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Disclaimers: We present this skills training and ideas freely without promise of results. We cannot promise results of any kind, however, your determination and commitment to self-improvement will be of best measured benefits for you and these skills will be valuable to most. Results are determined by her/his own merit. We cannot diagnose, treat, or recommend remedies natural or alternative, however, we will share our own testimony and talk openly about what works for us. This is in no way affiliated with Facebook™ or Instagram™.

Session Outline

Overcoming the overwhelm of single motherhood

Overcoming the overwhelm of GOING TOXIN-FREE

Overcoming the overwhelm of BACK-TO-SCHOOL

overcoming the overwhelm of MAKING ADULT FRIENDS

overcoming the overwhelm of THE 4TH TRIMESTER

Our Retreat Workbook is a beautiful asset to use alongside the retreat content. In addition to session notes, the workbook has session homework you should work through between and after sessions to help you work through mindset shifts, strategy options, and gameplans for your team growth.

Your Retreat Concierge can help you work through the homework sections as needed throughout the retreat and replay period.

Overcoming overwhelm workbook

Before and during the retreat you will have your own personal retreat concierge to walk with you through the retreat. Think of her as your tour guide linking arms with you through pre-retreat and retreat content, homework and group discussion. 

She cares about your progress and results during the retreat and she is available for conversation about retreat content. Retreat Concierge's are stewarding members of our community who have volunteered to help support you during retreat week and be a friend in the trenches of overwhelm.

Retreat Concierge

We are going to talk a bit about the coping and healing power in writing down your feelings, gratitude, brain dump the days thoughts and just pouring your heart out onto the pages of a journal during the retreat.

We want to equip you with a gratitude journal you can print out or have printed for yourself with journaling prompts and space to expand on the days happenings. ust pour your overwhelm onto it's pages. We think it's highly therapeutic and hope you like it too!


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