It All Began With a vision + a mission

We BELIEVE that the pursuit of a thriving business should not also compromise your wellness, your family, your relationships, the time you take to have fun and enjoy life, your stewardship, your faith, or your personal wellbeing.

We want to advocate the alignment as a community that supports the goals of the entrepreneur without sacrificing the other important areas of life. We call this movement the Alignment Movement.




Moxie takes care of you professionally, while alignment movement serves you in all the other areas of life as you pursue wellness, purpose, abundance and stewardship.

Our MISSION is to show you and advocate Aligned Wellness + Lifestyle.

We want to see you conquer your goals and MAKE MAGIC, become financially free, and gain time freedom away from the 9-5 if that is what you want, but from a place of thriving wellness. This is why we align with and advocate for holistic and wholesome nutrition/fitness/lifestyle in community with like-minded individuals. All of which you can find here with Alignment Movement by The Moxie Way.

Our MOVEMENT expands further than even this community. We fight with our dollars in donation to charities like Operation Underground Railroad as they work to rescue and heal the brokenness that is human and sex trafficking. It plagues our world and happens in our own backyards and in our own towns. 100% of the profits from the wellness programs hosted in Alignment Movement by The Moxie Way, LLC, are donated to charities like O.U.R. Rescue.

If you are a member of Alignment Movement, YOU are a part of this important work and we want to say Thank You!

What is Our 100% Donation Promise?

We promise to donate 100% of Alignment Movement program and membership profits to charity.

As a community we vote on featured charities each month and then use the profits as a donation gift to the hands and feet work these organizations are doing to reach those less fortunate, the trafficked, the abused, the struggling, and who have fallen on hard times.

When you support AM, your money is supporting these organizations.

our vision:

Our VISION is to see alignment in the personal development and holistic wellness needs of entrepreneurs and their families while they courageously conquer their goals and build their dreams to support their freedom metric and families.

We also believe that this community can massively impact the financial needs of others, so we built Alignment Movement for our Moxie community.

our movement

Alignment Movement is such important work. As we serve working men and working women with access to Holistic Wellness, quality Nutritional Resources, and less toxic Lifestyles. 

We do this work as a collective and we can reach more people with more hands and more voices spreading the good news of this movement with others. This is where you come in!

I have to be a part of this movement! Take me to Alignment Movement!! >>>

We are actively seeking inspired and stewarding individuals with hearts to serve and make an important impact in the lives of others to help build a small army of Moxie and Alignment Coaches who can steward well, be the accountability others need, and advocate for alignment.

We want to hit 1000 Moxie and Alignment Coaches by the end of 2022. We can do that with your help!

We have a coaching program and scholarships available to those who are serious and feel led to serve others alongside us.

This is also an earning opportunity for you and your family that we hope to positively impact your road to the financial and time freedom metrics you have for yourself.

To learn more about this opportunity, please connect with a Moxie Mentor by clicking on the button below and let us know you're looking for more info on becoming an Alignment Coach. Free and full training is available for those who qualify so connect today!

You are a desired piece of this puzzle and we cannot wait to unpack your stewardship potential in Alignment Movement and Moxie.

I have to be a part of this movement! I want to become a coach!! >>>


& our tribe of work-wives